Friday, October 10, 2008

Call for Serialized Novels

As you know, in addition to publishing a book a day and a short story a day, we're also doing 52 serialized novels.

We have 5 signed up - one that takes place in a hospital (think Grey's Anatomy, with all the sex included), an erotic supernatural soap opera, an American Idol-like competition, and the goings on in an exclusive cul de sac - sort of DESPERATE HUSBANDS meets MELROSE PLACE.

We’re looking for novels of 50,000-60,000 words that can be published in serialized form (7 daily installments, with breaks at cliffhanger points—kind of like mini-soap-operas). Erotic romance in all categories.

Below is a list of topics we'd like to sign up. If something inspires you, please email one of us, so we can help you develop the idea and take it off the list.

And if you have an idea for something that you don't see here, drop us an email.

LAWYERS IN LOVE - lawyers at a big law firm, a la Ally McBeal or LA Law.

Erotic LAW & ORDER, or just a cop one.

STAR POWER - A Hollywood setting with movie stars, producers, etc. .

GIRLS GONE SMART - College coeds might be good, too. A Sex in the City before they graduate.

WORKING GIRLS - Office romance in a big media company

BEST FRIENDS- Four multi-culti girls and their dating exploits - The TV show Girlfriends for a wider audience

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' -Three girls who go to CA to make their fame and fortune and their fate

NY BOUND - Acting,acting, acting

NASHVILLE - country music dreams

RUNWAY - four models in Paris

BLING - not sure about this one, but I love the title

An erotic STAR TREK/BATTLESTAR GALACTICA/SERENTIY - everyone on the ship actually having the sex that's implied

Please check out the write up on RR in this months’ Romantic Times!

Have a great weekend everybody


Anna said...

Are you only looking for heterosexual relationships for these stories? I believe I might be able to pull off a STAR TREK/BATTLESTAR GALACTICA/SERENTIY story with M/M.

Ravenous Romance said...

M/M sci-fi would definitely work, especially since early "manned" missions were all-man.

BTW, we recieved 5 ideas for sci-fi erotica from this call, so I think we're on to something.

Lifestyle Agent said...

Ohh, a M/M Serenity story would be incredibly hot.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I don't have anything to contribute, but I'd buy the Serenity one the day it comes out.