Friday, October 3, 2008

A Ravenous Intern

I usually post internships through NYU, where I went to school and where I teach in the Center for Publishing program, but I'm really looking for a romance intern, and I'm not having the kind of connection I usually have (I have hired many of my interns and/or trained them to become successful agents).

So, I am looking for a Ravenous Romance intern - no literary agency work - all romance, all the time. I am looking for someone who has a passion for a hot romance and just can't get enough of the genre. You'll read manuscripts, but we'll also have you contact published authors (and a perk of the job is that I can usually get you your favorite authors latest books for free). You are welcome to come to my lovely NY office overlooking the Hudson River or work from your home electronically (I had one intern who lived in Washington State, another in Washington DC and one in Cambridge). I have worked with university programs for credit, or I can just give you a really good letter of recommendation at the end of the 6 month internship.

Age, race, gender, is totally meaningless (actually you have to be over 18 because we're dealing with erotica here). All I'm looking for is someone with a passion for romantic fiction - the hotter, the better.

So email me at if you are interested.

P.S. Read my post about how we just bought a novel from someone I met three years ago at the Florida Writers Conference. It's a good example of why writers should go to conferences.


Yvette Davis said...

Ah, I see it is possible. Hurray!

Can you please pass the slush pile over here?

It's awfully boring in Wenatchee, WA.

I need something new to sink my teeth into....

As an aside, check out new author Patricia Fuller at Compuserve Writers Group - if you are into man/man historical eroticism that is:

Ravenous Romance said...


You need to email me at