Monday, November 3, 2008

Erotic memoir, romantic suspense and spy novels

I just finished editing the first of our books in the erotic memoir category. Renowned anthologist Rachel Krammer Bussel is doing an erotic essay collection for the first installment of THE LUST CHRONICLES. These hot and kinky true sex tales are a great start to this line, but we need more.

We really want to do an erotic memoir a month, either as an anthology or a true love and sex story. So, if you've been holding back on that sex memoir about the older man who introduced you to BDSM or that college frat orgy that made you a lover of multiple partner sex or your story of sex in pubic places, please send us a discreet email. We'd love a his and hers swinger memoir too.

Or, if you've been reading someone's really kinky blog (that has some romantic element), forward us a link.

Or, if you've got an idea for an erotic memoir essay collection, raise your hand.

We also find ourselves in the odd position of having very little romantic suspense, which stuns me. Didn't everyone on the planet want to see Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd get it on in Moonlighting? So where's that book now?

And we still don't have a single spy tale - not a straight one or a gay one? How can this be?

I personally have fallen in lust with Chuck Bartowski, and would love a nerd girl spy tale.

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