Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some Amazing Publicity, and Its Translation

As many of you know, we were profiled in The London Times ( While this was supposed to be a story about a new kind of publishing in a market in a tailspin, the fact that one of our authors was a protege of John Updike, who gave her erotic writing a resoundingly positive quote, ending up taking center stage.

The piece made the international wires and we were featured in Australia, Thailand, France and Spain, and then made a mention in the New Yorker where we had been re-invented into a company that was blasting 500 word erotica briefs to cell phones. The next day we made The Guardian (, where a huge photo of John Updike announced that he was a supporter of cell phone porn.

At first we were chagrined at the inaccuracies and misquotes (some quotes were actually taken from an interview Holly Schmidt gave two years ago about another company), but the hits just kept on coming to the website, so we gave in. It is truly amazing how many people have read these stories.

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