Monday, March 23, 2009

The Big O, Hot Covers, and Audio Best-Sellers

Another incredible cover from for Tricia Tucker's The Big O, a wicked novel about a woman who gets too much.

A number of our titles have been nominated for cover design awards. Land of the Falling Stars by Keta Diablo was nominated for a New Covey Award for cover design.

And we're making the best-seller list at, where our books are quickly climbing the audio erotica charts with the likes of Susie Bright and Megan Hart. On Sunday, four of the top 10 audio best-sellers were RR titles (out of 865 books)!

And our books are getting incredible reviews at, and

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sexywriter said...

now we have 5 audiobook bestsellers in the Audible Top 10: Maestro's Butterfly is now at No. 9, and the other four titles have moved up.

Go Ravenous!