Monday, March 9, 2009

Ever Want a Cosmic Orgasm?

So, here I am, late at night, editing the second novel in a vampire series (that features a kind of Amish vampire clan that drinks blood in their coffee and has religious vampire orgies, but I digress) and out of nowhere the main character is given a cosmic orgasm.

It blew me away.

As soon as I read about it, I sent the author a note saying, "I want one of these."

Imagine that after a hard day at the office.

You'll want one too, so grab your download of DARKNESS & NIGHT: COSMIC ORGASM.


potenta said...

always!!! but never had the chance to experience one :(

I'm a 41 year old woman and althow i enjoy having sex with my housband, i'm disapointed for the fact that i've NEVER had an orgasm. I hear that for many women it just comes natural , but sadly it isn't my case.

Althow i know many women have the same problem, and my comment is of no surpise to anyone, i want to do my best and find a solution.

I've been thinking that maybe my housband isn't as tender and loveable as he should, but curiosity has never pushed me so far as to cheat on him with another man. Should i? Could change be a solution?

I've tried all sorts of pills and aphrodisiacs, but nothing so far...

If you have any advise, please reply to this comment. I've just started posting for a couple of days, so i'll be checking in often :)

Thank you!


Ravenous Romance said...

Don't cheat on your husband. Go to and order a vibrator. The rabbit is a good start.