Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Interview avec Moi

I did a rather lengthly (but thought-provoking) interview with the fabulous Phoebe Jordan at Talk About My Favorite Authors today. She asked some really great questions about how I got to RR and the future of epublishing.


Monday, March 30, 2009

New FREE Short Story and Photos of Semi-Naked Men

We're offering another free short story download.

Isabel Roman is one of our best-selling historical/paranormal authors with her Dark Druid's series. This story, The Tryst, is a prequel to her novel about secret sorcerers in England and features the characters from this series. I met her at the annual RWA convention in San Francisco and was completely blown away by this setting and the characters.

Speaking of being blown away, Allan Penn, our co-conspirator at RR and protege of Francesco Scavullo (the guy who gave Cosmo all those hot covers), spent all day in New York shooting semi-naked men (I couldn't be there because I was busy being a very proud robot mom - see my agent blog, agentinthemiddle.blogspot.com - the sacrifices one makes for children!) and the photos are scorching. They're up in the photos section of our ravenousromance readers group at yahoo, so go visit!


Monday, March 23, 2009

The Big O, Hot Covers, and Audio Best-Sellers

Another incredible cover from RavenousRomance.com for Tricia Tucker's The Big O, a wicked novel about a woman who gets too much.

A number of our titles have been nominated for cover design awards. Land of the Falling Stars by Keta Diablo was nominated for a New Covey Award for cover design.

And we're making the best-seller list at Audible.com, where our books are quickly climbing the audio erotica charts with the likes of Susie Bright and Megan Hart. On Sunday, four of the top 10 audio best-sellers were RR titles (out of 865 books)!

And our books are getting incredible reviews at Bookwenches.com, manicreaders.com and Coffeetimeromance.com.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our First Reprint Sale!!!


eBook publisher to see title in-print with LGBT publishing house

[Boston, MA – March 18, 2008] – Ravenous Romance™ (www.RavenousRomance.com) has inked its first deal for print rights to one of its eBooks with LGBT publisher Alyson Books. The title, WOMEN OF THE BITE, is a collection of lesbian vampire erotica edited by Cecilia Tan. Ravenous will release the eBook at www.RavenousRomance.com in April and the print edition will appear on Alyson’s Fall 2009 list. It will hit shelves in late October to coincide with Halloween.

“We’re thrilled with this deal and hope it’s the first of many,” said Lori Perkins, Executive Editor for Ravenous Romance™. “Our gay themed books and stories are some of our top-sellers and we can see many of them fitting in nicely with Alyson’s publishing program.”

An imprint of Literary Partners Group, Inc., Ravenous Romance™ offers readers engaging and colorful stories with strong plots and character development, but peppered with steamy love scenes. Products are available in both ebook and audiobook format in 12 different categories, including both modern and historical fiction, suspense, paranormal, gay/lesbian/bisexual, and new age, among others.

Alyson Books, the largest, oldest publisher of LGBT literature, has been publishing award-winning titles in the areas of fiction, humor, history, mystery and erotica, among others, since 1980.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Castle in the Sky Chat!

I chatted for 10 hours! And had a blast.

Of course, I wasn't on line every minute of that time (I cooked a pot roast and watched a movie with the family), but the laptop was out for most of the day.

It was a great group of writers and readers, and we came up with some incredible book ideas online. One was a GLBT Fairy Tales anthology (I'll list the call, when it's ready to go) and a M/F/M spy novel. One of the particpants has also promised me a vampire/werewolf/shapeshifter menage for my Threesomes anthology.

So I had a really good time.

This was my first online chat, and I was suprised by how much fun it was. I would LOVE to do more, so if you know of any groups that want an editor of erotic romance to give her two cents on the market, please send them my way.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Agent Chat Today

I'm doing an agent chat today on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/castleintheskyflightoffantasy/.

Please join me and ask me interesting questions.

I've never done this before.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Interviews, Reviews and those Hot Covers!

Angela Cameron, one of our authors of vampire fiction (I wrote "vampire authors" and then thought better of that phrasing), just did a fantastic interview about her vampire mafia series with


Ripping the Bodice, our tongue in cheek look at romantic fiction conventions, got a great review at http://www.bookwenches.com/reviews.htm. And Land of the Falling Stars got a 4.5 cherries review at Whipped Cream http://tinyurl. com/cylwyf.

I love the cover of Today's Book of the Day, Trudy Doyle's next book, Long, Hard and Lethal which is pretty hot!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Buy 1, get 1 Free Gift Certificates Extended Through March

Due to the great response we've had from our readers, we're extending our Stimulus Package until March 31st!

Buy 1, get 1 FREE gift certificates!

For every gift certificate you buy, in any denomination, Ravenous Romance will send you another one ABSOLUTELY FREE! But hurry--this special deal ends March 31st!

Buy one for yourself!

Double your pleasure - treat yourself to a gift certificate and receive one of equal value FREE

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ever Want a Cosmic Orgasm?

So, here I am, late at night, editing the second novel in a vampire series (that features a kind of Amish vampire clan that drinks blood in their coffee and has religious vampire orgies, but I digress) and out of nowhere the main character is given a cosmic orgasm.

It blew me away.

As soon as I read about it, I sent the author a note saying, "I want one of these."

Imagine that after a hard day at the office.

You'll want one too, so grab your download of DARKNESS & NIGHT: COSMIC ORGASM.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

American Star II

If you Love American Idol, you need to download the second volume of this novel series by our best-selling author Ryan Field.

This is great stuff to read as season 8 of the real show gears up. It's got all the sexual hi-jinks you always imagined was going on between contestants and the staff.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Call for Stories for 3 New Anthologies

I am editing three new anthologies for Ravenousromance.com.

The Sex and Taxes anthology has a 3/27 deadline, and will be published April 15th. It’s full of stories about accountants and actuaries, taxmen and women, money lost and found and the thrill of losing and finding it.

We’re doing a Threesomes anthology, with a 4/30 deadline. We’re looking for everything, but mostly two men and a woman (although I really do want at least one story with three men and one story with three women). Be bold. I’ll take three vampires too. Or three werewolves. Or two vampires and a werewolf. I think you get the idea.

And then there’s the Sex Toys anthology with a 5/30 deadline. I envision this as a very creative anthology and can’t wait to see the new tricks our writers send in. These can be stories about existing sex toys, or one’s you wish existed, or even ones you completely make up or even futuristic sex toys. Be brave.

As In all RR in-house anthologies, we are looking for stories that run between 2000 and 5000 words. We pay $10 up front and a pro-rata share of the royalties.

Send stories, marked with the intended anthology in the email title, to lperkinsagency@yahoo.com. Include a short bio.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Signing Up Brand New Authors

I just finished editing the DILF Anthology, and will be publishing the erotic short stories of three new authors - or, more acurately, publishing their first erotic short stories. I think I'm as thrilled as they are!

I love getting new authors into print. It's the reason why I became an agent, and now, an editor. It still thrills me.

I have been reading one of these author's blogs for three years, so it's a real thrill to get him into Ravenousromance.

I also am buying a terrific erotica short story collection by an author who blew me away with her creative twists on old erotica themes. I could tell from reading the stories that she had written them for her own entertainment, and that they really turned her on. I will have to work with her closely to get the stories into publishable shape, but it is so worth it to help share someone's vision with readers.

I am exhausted, but I love my jobs!

And the DILF anthology is terrific - one of my best.

Monday, March 2, 2009

New FREE short story

We have a new FREE short story to download at Ravenousromance.com.

The Mile High Club by our best-selling author Ryan Field features some entertaining sexual antics on a once rather boring flight.

The story will be free for a limited time only, so enjoy!