Thursday, April 30, 2009

In Praise of Feminist Smut

I've appeared at a lot of writers’ conferences in the past 6 months (Romantic Times, Las Vegas, San Diego, Florida, ) and am set to do a bunch more (Writer's Digest, Lori Foster's, Necon, Killercon). I usually end up on an editors’ panel where I try to explain where Ravenous Romance is coming from editorially, and what sets us apart.

I got a phone call today from a major trade publisher, who is buying a number of our titles for reprint. He gushed about how much fun our books were to read, and how he thought he knew what to expect and yet was pleasantly surprised. He also said that the sex in the books was as good as any erotica he'd ever read, and he's been reading erotica for decades.

Whenever I do one of these panels, I always tell people that I have wanted to start an erotica company for women since I was a teenager coming of age in the 70s. I was completely blown away by Anais Nin and her Delta of Venus and Little Birds (and later read her diaries, twice), as well as Nancy Friday's various sexual fantasy collections. Erica Jong and Marilyn French didn't grab me as hard, but I was fascinated by the burgeoning genre of “clit lit.” The Anne Rice Beauty books came out when I was in college, and I was sure feminist erotica would soon rival that of the bad boys of American letters - John Updike, Philip Roth, Henry Miller.

But then there was nothing. Or more of the same male erotica, but nothing more by women, for women. Where was the feminist “smut”? I kept on reading the New York Times Book Review, but couldn't find a thing.

And then, out of left field (or, more accurately, Ohio) emerged Ellora's Cave. As a reader, I was thrilled to find this empowering online bookstore of erotic stories for women.

I was also looking for the thread that would link this new erotic readership to the not-so-distant literary tradition of erotica, but this new material was more about opening the bedroom door in the romance novels of my teens, which I also endorsed.

At Ravenous, we want to merge these two powerful (and commercial) erotic sensibilities, widening the readership of this female-pleasing (even if they're M/M stories) entertainment. We are reaching the readers of explicitly erotic romance, as well as the erotica reader, offering a guaranteed Happy Ending (which is what both these forms of fiction demand).

And I firmly believe that if Anais Nin were writing today, she's be writing for Ravenous and other digital erotic romance publishers, and making a small fortune

Erotic Romance as Empowerment

I'm sharing a great article in Bitchbuzz about why erotic romance matters, and why it's not trashy.

I've always said that erotic romance is one of the important next steps in popular feminism - emotional erotic content written by women for women, and often, sold by women. We rock, and we rock your world.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Half Price on Panamour Titles

TODAY ONLY, all titles in our GLBT category, Panamour, are 50% off,

Our M/M stuff is really hot and original. So hot and original that we already have a reprint sale on one of our anthologies, WOMEN OF THE BITE, a lesbian vampire collection edited by Cecilia Tan.

You'll love our retelling of classic love stories - Marrakesh by John Jockel is a M/M version of Casablanca; PRETTY MAN and AN OFFICER AND HIS GENTLEMAN pretty much speak for themselves. SEX, LIES AND WEDDING BELLS is a M/M retelling of the Runaway Bride. WONDERLAND is a gay Melrose Place. And I really found MANTHOLOGY, our all M/M short story collection well done, as well as the always hot HOW THE WEST WAS DONE, our gay cowboy anthology. So enjoy!

P.S. There are some amazing lesbian scenes in LUST IN SPACE.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Anthology Week, and the BOD is 20% Off!!

It's anthology week, because RR has some hot anthologies. Yesterday's Book of the Day, Fantastica, our paranormal anthology edited by Rachel Kenley, hit our in-house best-seller list in hours.

Today's Anthology is Ambrosia, edited by Jesse Blair Kensington, a cookbook author and erotica writer. Love that delicious cover too!

HOT DADS, The DILF Anthology, which I edited, just got a great review, "Editor Lori Perkins has gifted readers with a collection of juicy heat-filled and interesting stories about dads seeking love and lust." You can read the whole review at Thanks Sarah.

Friday, April 24, 2009

$1 Off The Book of the Day

Today only we are offering $1 off the Book of the Day, which is our SEXTROLOGY anthology edited by our in-house astrologer, Sephera Giron. Twelve sexy tales around the Zodiac - who could ask for more?

I love that we are the only publisher who has a FREE daily astrology reading for our readers. And Seph is awesome at what she does.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great RT!!

Holly and I have been having meetings (and drinks) from morning to night.

We've met every one of our epub colleagues and vowed to reform the Epub Expo next year. It will kick ass, and be the talk of the convention.

Had a great breakfast with Susan Swinwood of Harlequin, one of my favorite editors. Aslo reconnected with Amy Pierpont of Grand Central, who went to her laptop and read "Cherry Pie" by Rachel Kramer Bussel right after we met.

We have an RR authors' interview with All Romance Ebooks at 10:00, then Holly takes pitches. Mine are in the afternoon.

More lunch and drinks appointments too.

Then dinner with the RR authors who are here.

Tremendous fun!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Half Price Fantastica

While Holly and I cavort at RT, we're offing a half price sale on all our Fantastica titles for the next 24 hours.

If I were you, I'd buy LUST IN SPACE and THE DARKNESS AND NIGHT VAMPIRE SERIES by Lisa Lane, as well as all our vampire titles (but also the Maestro series by Rhonda Leigh Jones, which is an S&M vampire series). Grab WOLFPACT and KNIGHT MOVES, as well as the DRUIDS series too.

And you'll love the short story SUCCUBUSTED, if you haven't read that yet.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SEX AND TAXES and 50 cent short stories!

What a way to beat those Tax Day Blues!

I hate doing my taxes and the paperwork! And I always leave it until the last minute.

I would love to reward myself with a collection of really racy stories about the taxman after that grueling experience, and this year I did just that with a sizzling erotic anthology of stories about sexy accountants and the men and women that love them. Curl up with SEX AND TAXES, and tax day will never be the same.

And if that wasn't enough, TODAY ONLY we are offering all of our Ravenous Rendezvous for 50 cents. That's 75% off.

One of our writers suggested we give our readers the opportunity to make their own anthologies, so if you buy 10 short stories, it will cost $5, which is the price of a Ravenous book. So, make your own anthology, and tell us what you choose. Perhaps we'll publish it as a Ravenous anthology and give you credit for the idea!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Female James Bond and a hot foursome short story

Today's offerings are scorching!

Chastity's Flame is a spy novel where the protagonist is a woman. Lots of intrigue and intriguing situations.

The short story of the day is by Cheryl Brooks who wrote this great erotic science fiction novel, SLAVE, for Sourcebooks. It was one of the give-aways at last year's RWA convention in San Francisco, but I was already reading it on the plane over. It's a great, hot novel about a female spaceship captain who buys a catman and frees him, because she has to find and free her sister on a planet where all the women are slaves. It works. And is very creative.

Anyway, I sent Cheryl a fan letter and she sent us a short story, that was so hot it made me blush.

So enjoy!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Free Book Friday was such a success that we are doing it again.

Today only, we offer a free download of Elle Amery's sizzling SAVING SOPHIE about one woman's fight to make the man of her teen-age fantasies see her as the hot woman she's become.

It's the first in a trilogy by Amery - GRACE ON FIRE (a really hot fire man tale) and TALLY'S GIFT (are you a giver?), so buy all three for the price of two.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baseball Erotica

The Hot Streak by Cecilia Tan is the Book of the Day. This is an extremely hot and romantic novel about a woman who falls for a baseball pitcher, whose luck turns as soon as they share a night of passion together.

It's better than Bull Durham.

I love baseball erotica, but then baseball has always been an amazingly sexy sport to me. I love watching beautifully toned men in their prime.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

RR in NY Times today, and Half Price Audiobooks

Holly Schmidt and I had a 45 minute interview with Motoko Rich of the New York Times two weeks ago, where we talked about how epublishing was changing the publishing landscape, and how romance books were booming during a recession. This is the article she wrote after speaking with us:

http://www.nytimes. com/2009/ 04/08/books/ 08roma.html

How awesome to be quoted in the New York Times on your birthday!

But enough about me.

Today is also a one day only special where we are offering half price on our incredible audiobooks. We hired a great production studio to do these books, and they've been receiving rave reviews and climbing the audiobooks charts. But you can get them at a fraction of the price from our website, and half off for today only.

Monday, April 6, 2009

HOT DADS are here!

My DILF Anthology pubbed today, as HOT DADS. Great cover - man's naked chest peeking out from a suit and tie. Yumm.

There are 11 stories in here and half of them are good enough to be submitted to one of the annual best of erotica collections. This is one of the best anthologies I've ever edited.

You'll notice that we offered this DILF anthology the day after MILF Fantasies was the Book of the Day. They make a nice pair!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Interview Tomorrow

I'm being interviewed at the site all day tomorrow where I reveal all my editrix secrets (might hold back a few). We're giving away RR gift certificates too, so ask me questions.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nashville Heat (hot cover) and great chat

My chat at Books We Love Spice was great. Really good questions on the future of erotica and women's fiction. You can log in and read the chat.

Then I ran to Yankee Stadium (first time in the new Stadium) for an exhibition game with the Cubs.

And then I had 5 minutes to check the RR website and was thrilled to see that Bethany Michaels' NASHVILLE HEAT is up. Once again, a really hot cover. This is a great story about a woman who goes to Nashville to follow her music muse and meets the bad boy of Country. It's a really good read.

The author lives in Nashville (so the setting is authentic) and has written a number of erotic romances for other epubs (as well as a story in my SeXmas anthology).

Friday, April 3, 2009

Chat with me Tomorrow/ $25 RR Gift certificates

Books We Love Spice Reader's Group is hosting a chat with me tomorrow, Saturday, April 4 from 12 to 2 p.m. EST.

I am expected to answer questions and provide information about the romance/erotic industry. Please come and ask me everything you've every wondered about this exciting market.

Some of the Ravenous Romance authors who will be chatting about their latest releases. We'll also be offering two $25 Ravenous Romance gift certificates!

Please join us Saturday, April 4 at BWL Spice, http://groups. group/BWL_ Spice_Readers

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Free Novel Every Friday in April

Tomorrow will be our first FREE BOOK FRIDAY, where we're offering the book of the day for free.

The book will be Ryan Field's AMERICAN STAR, which was inspired by the whispers behind the scenes of American Idol (remember that whole rumor campaign about Paula and that singer?)

Ryan is one of our best-selling authors (PRETTY MAN and AN OFFICER AND HIS GENTLEMAN have made a number of epub and audio best-seller lists already), so we are hoping you'll take this opportunity to try him out. There's a second volume of AMERICAN STAR to buy, if you just can't get enough.

Tell your friends.

But it's only for 24 hours.