Sunday, August 23, 2009

Exciting Changes at RR!

A lot of exciting – and overwhelming! – things are happening here at RR. We just sold print rights to two more books, and signed a major 18-book print deal that will bring our writers and our brand enormous national exposure. It’s very exciting and we can’t wait to announce the details, but under the terms of the contract we can’t say anything for three more weeks. Stay tuned and we’ll promise to reveal everything on September 13th.

In other news, dozens of our books can now be purchased in trade paperback from Amazon. So for those of you who still prefer paperbacks, you can find many RR favorites there. We’re working on getting all of our full-length novels and anthologies into print, and hope to have that complete within the next two months.

We’re sad to announce that Michelle, our office manager, will be leaving us. We have had a few glitches with bookkeeping and contracts during the transition. But we are getting caught up, and we thank all of our authors for bearing with us. We will miss Michelle.

This was our second royalty quarter in business, and the first in which some of our authors earned out their advances (congratulations!). We are able now to really see which books (and types of books) are selling. We’ve adjusted our editorial planning accordingly, and are investing resources in developing new books and authors we know our readers will love.

Having come from the print publishing business, we have had a steep learning curve in e-commerce and e-publishing, and continue to learn more every day about what our readers are looking for. We’re working hard to serve our readers and build careers for our authors both in e-books and print.

Our traffic and sales grow every month, and we continue to invest considerable resources in building our business. We just unveiled some new site changes last week, and have more in development.

One of the changes we plan is to fix our sales reporting; when our site was built, the report feature was not designed to report units sold, just dollars. We have heard from our authors that they really want to see units, so that change is on the list, and we hope to have it complete by next quarter.

We’re also in talks with RT about the new and improved Digital Book Expo that will launch in April in Columbus. We’d love to hear your ideas.

In fact, all of us (Holly, Allan and Lori) would love to hear from all of you. Tell us what you think or ask us questions. Email us at first name at ravenousromance dot com.

Friday, August 21, 2009

SALE!! and New Categories at RR

We've revised some of our categories to reflect our readers' choices. We broke up M/M and lesbian into two categories, added a Futurotica category (and we're looking for more futuristic romances) and one for Anthologies.

Also, please note our new Sale category with lots of 1/2 price books. We'll be rotating different titles in and out of the Sale category on a weekly basis, so readers can always check back and get a bargain.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dollar Day - One Day Sale

All our fabulously sexy shorts stories are half price today only - that's 99 cents.

There's over 60 shorts in every category - paranormal, M/M, contemporary, historical.

May I recommend some of my favorites?

Unbridled Passion
Three Men in a Boat
The Big Bang
The Special Gift
Electro Deluxe
The Definition of "Is"
Whatever It Takes
Tan Lines
Baseball Blues

Let me know your's.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Escape to Quartzton Weekend!

Welcome to "Escape to Quartzton Weekend"!
Every day this weekend, Elle Amery's best-selling Quartzton series is on sale at! Check back every day to get 30% off the book of the day!

Elle writes the very best good girls gone bad for their own good.