Tuesday, March 9, 2010

RR to Co-Publish Line of Paranormal Romances with Red Silk

Ravenous Romance to Co-Publish
Line of Paranormal Romances
with Red Silk Editions

Exciting new publishing joint venture to launch this summer

[Beverly, MA – February 8, 2010]
Ravenous Romance, a digital publisher of erotic romance ebooks and audiobooks founded in 2008, has licensed the rights to 12 of its paranormal erotic romances to Red Silk Editions, a new imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC. The books will be published in trade paperback at the rate of two per month starting in June 2010.

“We see this partnership as an enormous opportunity to expand our reach – Red Wheel/Weiser has the sales expertise and distribution power to bring our authors’ work to a large audience,” says Ravenous Romance president and co-founder Holly Schmidt.

Romance is the number one category in fiction, with sales of $1.37 billion in 2008. Says Red Wheel/Weiser publisher Jan Johnson, “We’ve been looking for a way to expand on our success in non-fiction, and Red Silk Editions is an opportunity to do that for readers who are interested in both story and various metaphysical, paranormal, pagan principles. Fiction such as this introduces readers to other realities and other worlds. We are very optimistic about the potential of this new line.”

Red Wheel/Weiser has acquired world rights to the titles and plans to distribute them widely in English-speaking markets as well as license foreign-language rights. The titles include books by Cecilia Tan, Isabel Roman, Angela Cameron, and Rhonda Leigh Jones, and will encompass a wide variety of paranormal subgenres.

Ravenous Romance will continue to publish and distribute the ebook and digital audiobook versions of the books.

About Ravenous Romance
Ravenous Romance ebooks and digital audiobooks are sold at www.ravenousromance.com and other ebook and audiobook retail sites. Ravenous Romance also publishes the exclusive line of “Escape with Romance Collection” trade paperbacks for the Home Shopping Network and has licensed print rights to other publishing companies, including St. Martin’s Press and Alyson Books. Ravenous Romance was founded in 2008 by Holly Schmidt, Allan Penn, and Lori Perkins, and has published more than 200 books since.

About Red Wheel/Weiser LLC
Red Wheel/Weiser LLC has a long tradition of publishing top-quality metaphysical and occult teachings from around the world, as well as mind/body/spirit and inspirational gift books. The company publishes two other imprints, Weiser Books and Conari Press. The company is based in Newburyport, MA and San Francisco, CA. Visit their website at www.redwheelweiser.com.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Call for F/F (lesbian) fiction

As you all know, RR has had tremendous success with our M/M titles. We've been nominated for a Lambda and one of our short stories in the Manthology anthology edited by Jo hn Jo ckel was chosen as the best M/M short story of the year by Book Utopia. And we’ve sold print rights to many of our M/M titles.

We'd like to do the same for F/F.

And we think we can. I KISSED A GIRL edited by Regina Perry was just chosen as one of the top 10 ebook titles of 2009 by a reviewer at Rainbow Reviews. Many of the romance reviewers who read it started their review off by saying " I don't usually read (or like) lesbian fiction but..."

So what we're looking for are novels that bring the romance sensibility to the lesbian experience in a fun and hot way. With our M//M fiction, we took well-loved romance themes and classic stories and set them in new and/or contemporary settings with two men.

We want to try that with women.

We are looking for contemporaries, historicals (even fiction featuring famous women), paranormals, and kinky stories.

So we are looking for someone to take a chance on writing THE PRINCESS' BRIDE.


We'd like a female version of THE THORNBIRDS (if you are interested, email me - I have the basic plot).

Could someone try a lesbian GONE WITH THE WIND (loosely based on Scarlet and Melanie - they loved the same man, and now they love each other?)

How ' bout a F/F Bridges of Madison County? The main character can be divorced or widowed or abandoned by her husband. Maybe THE WIDOWS OF MADISON COUNTY and bill it as a lesbian DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES meets BRIDGES.

I wanted to do The Graduate as THE GRADUATE STUDENT. The main character is seduced by a professor, but falls in love with the professor's daughter.

We will also be doing two in-house F/F anthologies shortly - GIRL CRUSH and WHERE THE BOYS AREN'T. We’d also like to do a kinky lesbian anthology.

But please email me your ideas, suggestions and outlines. Please tell anyone you know who is interested in lesbian fiction that RR is looking for new voices.

RR novels run between 50,000 and 60,000 words. Short stories run 1500 to 5000 words.

Please send queries to lori@ravenousromance.com.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Call for Stories for FANG BANGERS Anthology

Our next big horror/romance anthology is FANG BANGERS - erotic paranormal romance featuring any combination of coupling between humans and creatures with fangs and/or claws. Give us your werewolf lovers, your vampire paramours, your shape shifting scoundrels and rakes.

These stories can be hetero, M/M, F/F and any combination thereof. They can be two supernatural creatures, a human and a supernatural or even humans who think they're supernatural. It can be a couple, a threesome, an orgy. Just remember, it's got to be romantic.

We are open to historical, contemporaries and every futuristic.

So bring it on, in every fangtastic shape and size.

As in all in-house RR anthologies, we re looking for stories that run between 1500 and 5000 words. We pay the RR short story advance of $10, plus a pro rata share of any revenue/subsidiary rights. All stories are to be word docs, double spaced sent to lori@ravenousromanc e.com. Please include an up-to-date bio, even if you have published with RR before.

As you know, we sold the reprint rights to HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE: A Zombie Romance Anthology to St. Martin 's Press, and we are hoping to have similar success with this anthology, so give us your best stuff! And tell your friends.

Deadline is April 20, 2010.