Friday, May 13, 2011

Call for Stories - Back Door Lover

Back Door Lover: Erotic Tales of Anal Intimacy
Editor: Debra Wilson-Koss
Deadline: 6/20/2011

Used to be, a back door lover was a man sneaking an affair with a married woman and was a Blues staple. Not anymore. Now, it's code for anal sex and I'd like to see stories celebrating its joys and adventures. Anything goes. Any orientation: straight, male/male, lesbian, bisexual. Any configuration: couples, threesomes, or swinging. Any practice: bio-body parts, pegging, anal toys. If it's a show of pleasure, I'm interested in it.

While I'll welcome a couple of tales of introductory experiences, I want stories that reflect a range of experience levels. I also want to see a solid level of emotional intimacy between your characters, but that can range from undying love to adoring buddy-hood. Your characters should know how lucky they to have one another! I welcome BDSM power exchanges as long as they're clearly consensual and steer clear of villainy.

Stories should be between 2,500 and 5,000 words. Email submissions to debrawriting at cox dot net as a double-spaced Word or RTF attachment with “Back Door Lover” in the subject line. Include your name (and pseudonym, if applicable), bio, mailing address, email, title of the piece and word count as part of your document. The header of each page should include your name and page number.

Compensation: Ravenous Romance short story advance of $10, a copy of the anthology, plus a pro rata share of any revenue/subsidiary rights.

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